[K-Biz brief] Cheng Eui-sun resigns as co-chairman of the Hydrogen Council (Aug 4)

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▲ Cheng Eui-sun resigns as co-chairman of the Hydrogen Council…Toyota' Uchiyamada succeed


▲ Lotte Chemical donates animals to celebrate Islam's largest holiday


▲ Gas Corporation LNG business, including Vietnam's national power plan… 'Position to strengthen position'


▲ Jeju Air, changed the'weight→number of digits' based on the transportation cost of domestic pets


▲ CJ CheilJedang is made with 100% domestic rice bran extract… Applied from October


▲ [Exclusive] KT, legal battle with Inni Media Conglomerate… Realization Leadership'Shake'


▲ US ITC confirms anti-dumping duties on Korean wind tower… 'I charge 5.41%'


▲ 'Import and Export Bank Assistance' Full-scale orbit in Cebu, Philippines in 2 years


▲ Shilla Hotel Danang, closed a month after opening… "Corona reproliferation impact"


▲ Lotte Mart Vietnam's Danang Store'Emergency'… Corona Confirmation Visit


▲ Tesla expands employment by 35% this year only... 17,000 jobs notice


▲ AMOREPACIFIC ETUDE HOUSE closed again in China


▲ 'Exploration of Korea Gas Corporation' intensifies resource war in Cyprus... Turkey to send another survey


▲ Hyundai Motor expands Russia subscription service area... 15 cities applied


▲ 'Samsung Corporation order' completed the PF in Bangladesh thermal power plant… 'Business resilience'


▲ CJ ENM-Netflix, Vietnam's first collaboration… Introducing 2 episodes including'Sunny' remake


▲ 'India Magic' Kia Motors joined '100,000 clubs' in 11 months


▲ POSCO E&C signed a contract with Malolos-Clark Railway Vehicle Base and Control Center in the Philippines


▲ Hyundai Motor, India's 3,9010 units in July, 98% of the previous year… 'Corona completely overcome'


▲ [Exclusive] HanTu·Hanhwa Securities to stop further investment in coal business in Australia… "The burden of backlash from environmental groups"


▲ [Exclusive] Woori Bank appoints CIO of Chinese corporation… Expanded'Taeseung Son Digital Innovation'