[K-Biz brief] Russia orders 10 icebreaker LNG ships. Samsung Heavy substructure production (Aug 6)

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▲ Russia orders 10 icebreaker LNG ships… Samsung Heavy Industries Substructure Production


▲ Hyundai Engineering expects additional orders from Uzbekistan


▲ Moody's, Busan·Gyeongnam·Daegu Bank credit rating 'negative' evaluation... Jeju Bank 'stable'


▲ LG Smart TV embraces'Pluto TV' in the US


▲ Hyundai Tucson sells 5.56 million won discount in China... Inventory handling'easy force'


▲ Lee Si-young and EXID Hyerin praised BioTalk '3X Crosslink Ampoule' as a summer beauty item


▲ [Exclusive] SPC Paris Baguette closes US stores 30%… "Introduction to corona-adaptive manuals"


▲ Hyosung TNS introduces a priority partner program in the United States… Strengthening the sales network


▲ Final Fantasy 11, DLC update in 4 years


▲ Kia Motors sells 392 units in Taiwan in July


▲ Kia Motors, China Touring Car Championship... 'Brand' conversion rate


▲ Daehan Shipping, drive 'Shell' charter contract to Hyundai Heavy Industries


▲ SPC Paris Baguette, Cheap Promotion in Singapore… Increase brand awareness


▲ Samsung Electronics, patent infringement of camera lens patent in Japan


▲ Binggrae 'Merona' possessed Taiwan… Costco recommended product selection


▲ Hyundai Motors switches to'Plus' in July sales in Russia...3.4% up from last year


▲ Woori Bank, large-scale recruitment from Vietnam… 'No.1 Shinhan' onslaught


▲ Hyundai Motor, Blue Link upgrade in Europe… First application of i30 facelift


▲ SK-Synopec joint venture ceases operation until the end of the Chinese refinery


▲ China "10 years corporate tax exemption for semiconductor companies"… U.S. Huawei sanctions,


▲ South America, followed by the United States, Hyundai Motor, Brazil's sales recovery in July 'noticeable'


▲ "Gangnam apartments must also subscribe to the housing pension" Housing Finance Corporation promotes revision


▲ IBK Investment Bank, invested 50 billion won in IBK Capital·IBK Securities Investment Association


▲ Korean Air's'Incheon~Okayama' route will be suspended until next month