[K-Biz brief] SK acquires 10% stake of LNG terminal in China's largest energy company (Aug 7)

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▲ Kia Motors, India 'V-shaped rebound' advance Sonnet advance reservation


▲ Novarise enters Thailand's micro loan market. Cooperation with Kannithi Group


▲ Dongkuk Steel, large-scale recruitment of CSP steelworks in Brazil. Increase production efficiency


▲ 'Covid-10 Shutdown' Lotte New York Palace Hotel, reopened in 130 days. 10th business resumption


▲ Saab participates in Korea's next-generation early warning controller order. Possibility to build LIG Nex1 'United Front'


▲ LG Corp. signed a contract to purchase lithium 1500t with Chinese companies. 'Preemptive response to battery demand'


▲ Kia Motors and Canada sprint after 'Covid-19 shock' July highs


▲ Australian Air Force next-generation training machine before order outline… Participation in 3 places including KAI


▲ Kia Motors, Mexico 'Top 5' Mercury. "Successful sales of uncontact"


▲ Hanwha Final Candidate' Suddenly replaces the head of the Australian armored car business. Variable?


▲ Hyundai Motors North America Jim Press Advisor joins 'Work Truck Solutions'


▲ Hana Financial Investment, Singapore Equis and waste treatment plant development project financing 100 billion won


▲ [Exclusive] SK acquires 10% stake in LNG terminal in China's largest energy company


▲ Hyundai Motors reverses again in France, 20.4%↑


▲ KB Securities Sales to stop repurchase of Singapore receivables. "The FSS, investigating"


▲ Korea Development Bank, Singapore Winson bond issuance representative


▲ 'Junguiseon Flying Car' Hyundai Motors, with a UK company, to develop UAM


▲ KEPCO decides to invest in Inni Coal-fired Power Project after the end of labor, 'rear blast'